• How It Works


    Vetted Candidates

    Each candidate handpicked and approved on our platform. We look beyond the AI powered matching algorithms to identify your true super powers.


    Company Matching

    We help companies create a structure that supports the workforce of 21st century. Company guides on identifying the need and best use of talent available.


    Right Talent at Right Time

    Solve the right problems at the right time with the right person. Work on fulfilling projects while you maintain flexibility to use your super powers whoever you choose.

  • Work on your own terms

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    A Few Hours

    Expertise Requests

    Help companies understand more about your industry, role, troubleshoot on the fly. Use your knowledge to help fill the gaps. Easy ad-hoc set up. Take on as many or as few requests you'd like. Fixed hourly rate based on your role/skill level.

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    Several Days

    Solve a Problem

    Engage on a per project basis and help companies with a specific problem. Fixed per project price based on the complexity/time and effort required/value to company

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    Weeks or Months

    Ongoing Support

    Solve a longer term need - operating as rent-a (your role). Allow someone to take a family leave without the guilt of dropping the ball, help startups set up operations, open up new lines of business for companies (new industry, new region)

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    Full time

    Organizational Design

    The way we work today. With better matching to you ideal job. We vet both companies and candidates and focus on what really makes you happy and fulfilled at your job to find you the best fitted role.

  • Companies

    Build the workforce to match your business needs

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    Be As Agile As You Can

    Easily scale-up/ scale down; vet your idea and execution with proven veterans. Enrich your tech founding team with business experts and vice versa; bring on financial structure and discipline

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    Role Coverage

    Whether your employees want to take a sabbatical, maternity or family leave or similar, we'll find the right resources to provide role coverage until they return.

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    Industry Specific Expertise

    Tap into leaders across multiple industries, driven by innovation and growth. AdTech, MarTech, BioTech, Data Scientists, AI, D2C, Clean energy - find talent that solves future problems.

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    Maximize Your Own Workforce

    Find your team's super powers while giving them opportunities to be passionate about their work. Find new talent that fits in your organization perfectly.